The newest cleaning tool for now is the cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner. People encounter a variety of dirt during their everyday – from water leaks to mud and dust, and often all at the same time – especially when working on busy, cramped building projects.

There is often a need to carry a wet and dry vacuum cleaner in the van for the clean-up. But there isn’t always space for a traditional corded cylinder model. And often there isn’t a suitable power source for one on site.

In this instance, we recommend considering a compact cordless wet and dry vacuum. They are ideal for use by tradespeople, offering a portable, powerful and versatile cleaning solution.

Here’s what to look for when buying one:


Suction is key when choosing a cordless wet and dry vacuum, ensuring it can cope with broken glass, sludge, building debris and dust. Check that the airflow of the product is sufficient – ideally above 20L/sec (1200L/min) – to ensure it is fit-for-purpose.  

Cordless models provide enough power for most jobs. By their nature, battery-powered models are designed for short-bursts of cleaning – so don’t let the run time of models put you off. Look for a model with a fast charger – some charge the battery in as little as one hour - and consider a spare battery enabling you to charge a battery whilst the other is in use, maximising run time.


Toolbox sized vacuum cleaners provide the ultimate in portability, enabling you to stack other supplies around them to maximise space in your van. As they are designed to be frequently emptied, you don’t need a huge capacity. Look around the 450ml capacity size – more than enough for most homes.     


Filtration is important in a vacuum cleaner being used in an industrial setting – ensuring that the maximum amount of dirt stays in the machine. Ensure that the model you choose is fit-for-purpose and meets the health and safety guidelines you’re working to. 

HEPA filters are widely acknowledged as being a best-in-class filtration solution. To make it as quick and easy as possible to use, we recommend looking for a wet and dry cleaner that uses the same filter to capture both wet and dry materials – preventing the need to switch filters between tasks. Look for filters that can be washed to prolong product use.


It is worth considering how you plan to use the cleaner prior to deciding what features and attachments matter the most to you. Features like the ability to switch the airflow suction to blower are useful. Extension tools are useful to optimise the cleaner to best suit your task – improving results.

The Homesonice® brand provides a wide range of vacuum cleaners for use at home. We encourage you to look at our reviews to see what customers say about our products.