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How to choose a cordless wet dry vacuum?

The newest cleaning tool for now is the cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner. People encounter a variety of dirt during their everyday – from water leaks to mud and dust, and often all at the same time – especially when working on busy, cramped building projects. There is often a need to carry a wet and dry vacuum cleaner in the van for the clean-up. But there isn’t always space for a traditional corded cylinder model. And often there isn’t a suitable power source for one on site. In this instance, we recommend considering a compact cordless wet and dry vacuum. They are ideal for use by tradespeople, offering a portable, powerful and versatile cleaning solution. Here’s what to look...

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Can an Air Purifier Protect You From Corona-virus?

Can an air purifier protect you from corona-virus? Yes, it can. As we all know that the diameter of the new corona-virus is about 100nm. The effective HEPA in the air purifier can filter out viruses in the air at 100-300 nanometers.  But indoors, the preventive effect cannot be guaranteed. Why? Strictly speaking, most air purifiers cannot directly kill the new coronavirus. Although the virus can be filtered out through the filter, the virus may survive in the filter. Only air purifiers equipped with sterilization technologies such as ion technology and electrostatic technology can directly kill viruses. And,  80% of the virus infection channels are spread through contact,and aerosol transmission only accounts for 20%. What is the aerosol transmission? The traditional...

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How to use fryer for your home!

1. Remember to preheat your air fryer Before loading food, you should heat up the fryer. This saves time because the food is made faster. To preheat your fryer, just turn it on 2 to 3 minutes before use, or if your device has a preheat setting, you can use it. 2. In order to get a crisper effect Applying a small amount of oil on the surface of the food during the cooking process One of the main advantages of the best air fryer is that it does not need to use a lot of oil to make the food crunchy. But adding a small amount of oil during the cooking process can increase the crispness of the food....

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